My Game Prototype Challenge 8 Entry

I’ve been making a game for the Game Prototype Challenge v8 since Monday at noon. The themes for this competition have been “Armor” and “Pollination”. So basically I have a week to make a game using these two themes. After a number of false starts on Monday, I’ve come up with a simple game called “Pollen Knight.” Let me sketch the gameplay for you: It is 2D platformer in which you play as the titular knight, a very small fellow that lives on the stigma of a lily flower. When he crouches down on the stigma, it coils back like a spring, and when he releases the crouch, the stigma launches him into the air.

The Pollen Knight’s job is to grab pollen grains from the air above the flower and bring them back to the stigma, thus pollinating the plant. There are obstacles in the air, small insects, dust motes, and the like, that impede the player’s pollen gathering. The challenge is in gathering as many pollen grains as possible on a single leap and still landing safely back on the stigma. Levels should start out simple, slowly introducing game mechanics, challenges, and power-ups.

My work on the game will actually halt Friday night when the mini Ludum Dare starts. Yesterday was a day full of coding the basic game mechanics, while today I focused on the art. Tomorrow, I’ll do textures, animation (hopefully), sound, and power-ups. Friday should be focused on level creation, for the most part, and wrapping things up. I may have another development post or two, so check back soon!