Pollen Knight

Pollen KnightHere is my release of the Pollen Knight, a game made for the Game Prototype Challenge v8. The themes were “Armor” and “Pollination.” I made the game in the span of five days, from Monday to Friday of this week.

In the game, you play as a tiny knight who struggles to collect pollen for the flower that he lives on. The style of the flower retracts like a spring when you press the down button while on top of it. Releasing the button launches the knight into the air to collect the stationary pollen grains. The game is score-driven with a multiplier that increases with every grain grabbed on a single leap. To get the highest score, the player needs to grab every grain on a single jump in each level.

[WP_UnityObject src=”/games/pollen-knight/pollen_knight_01.unity3d” width=”640″ height=”480″/]

Left and Right direction keys will move the player character, even in mid-air.

The Down direction key presses the plant’s style down when the player character is standing on it. Up is a short jump.

Press Z to switch between zoom levels.

Press R to restart a level.

Press H to toggle hints.

5 Comments on “Pollen Knight

  1. Kind of feels like playing Pinball. The graphics are good, especially the flower, but the gameplay is really bad. Perhaps If there were pinball mechanics like bouncer/pusher plates/balls, and you were driven to hit them, rather than avoid boring poison dots. The game is terribly slow too. Very floaty. The player should be allowed more control over movement speed. For instance, down should accelerate you down, like in Tetris.

    • Thanks for your opinion torbjørn. I agree, the game is a bit slow and would need a lot of work. It is certainly not at Super Meat Boy’s level of fine tuned platformer controls, by far. This was basically an exercise to make something that could possibly be on a mobile device. Still need some work in that area.

  2. ^_^ Nice graphics, controlls not so bad, Should have more content but everything else is good. Still needs some work though.

    48? O_O ???