September Jams, Site Migration, and a Progress Report

For the 10th and part of the 9th, this site was down due to my now former web host dropping the ball when upgrading the servers. I spent much of yesterday first getting the site back in working order, then migrating it to a new host. Hasn’t been fun. I reinserted back into, there’s no point in having two sites anyway, since I don’t post that often. My only concern is for the SEO juice I may have lost in the transition and during the downtime.

Anyway, tomorrow voting for the Ludum Dare 21 ends, which means I’ll find out how my product Under a Watchful Eye did. Also tomorrow is the start of the Game Prototype Challenge, a week long game jam for individuals. I’ll be entering that and stopping on Friday for a Mini Ludum Dare that is starting then.

There are also two other Jams that I may submit my games to: The Super Friendship Club, and the Experimental Gameplay Project. The Super Firendship club is a month-long jam, September’s theme is Mysticism (I studied religion in College, could use some of that expertise for this). The other Jame is a loose week-long one with the vague theme of “Story.” I’ll assume that this is theme is meta, that I am to make a game that is about stories.

Of course, these jams would hamper my progress on Against the Wall a bit. Last week, I finished the prop manager (for storing and retrieving non-brick objects), an object pool for bricks, and fixed some of the more egregious bugs that I have found. Looking at my checklist, my next step will be to actually fill in the world with some more content and create crumbling bricks. Also, Don Gray has posted a new video of the game that is basically an overview of what is available in-world.

That’s it for now. Will update the blog for the next game jam.