Two Separate Sites

Going back on what I said on the 11th, I have put back up. I’ve also moved all posts related to the game over to the other site. This is mostly for branding purposes, not that I know anything about marketing. I suppose that having a URL with the keywords of the game’s name could boost its traffic a bit. Now that I’ve released version Alpha 0.32 and its webplayer, I’m beginning to think in terms of promoting my product and raising funds for it. I’ve been doing everything solo thus far, no outside help aside from searches on the Unity Forums, MSDN, Stack Overflow, etc. I really need to find artists who can pitch in and produce some 2D and 3D assets to spruce the game up a bit.

As to the other game jams this month, the Game Prototype Challenge ate up too much of my time for me to consider taking up one of the other challenges. I spent the last week doing nothing but bug fixes for Against the Wall and porting it over to the webplayer, rather than anything else.

Also, this blog will be more for personal updates and my occasional game jam forays. Not the most compelling content, but I need a place to put my random info, and I probably shouldn’t mix that with my main project.