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Alternate Function IV

Alternate Function IV is a game of reflexes, skill, and timing. Dodge and weave your way between missiles and get the highest score possible, before your tiny vessel is shot out of the sky. This game was made for Bennett

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Anxiety Adventure: Trial of the Dark Wing

The night before, I spent about 12 hours developing a prototype for a minimal game design class taught by Andy Nealan at NYU Poly. The constraints were that the game had to be entirely composed of squares and circles. I

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Spinworld – Ludum Dare 23 Entry

Spinworld is a Missile Command-type game with a twist: players can rotate their whole planet in to aim defensive buildings at oncoming enemy missiles.

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Abandon – Ludum Dare 22 Entry

Abandon was made for the Ludum Dare competition #22 in 48 hours. The given theme was "Alone." The game was released with missing textures on several objects, and a collider missing from a domed structure. Regardless, the game is a

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Video Recording

Man, I am not meant to be in front of the camera! I was recording for a trailer to post on If I'm reading the filenames right, I've clicked the record button 122 times in four hours. I don't

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Two Separate Sites

Going back on what I said on the 11th, I have put back up. I've also moved all posts related to the game over to the other site. This is mostly for branding purposes, not that I know anything

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Post Mortem on Pollen Knight

Gameplay I'm happy with the results of last week's Game Prototype Challenge. Unlike my last Ludum Dare game, I had enough time to relentlessly test Pollen Knight to make sure that it was not only playable, but beatable as well.

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Pollen Knight

Here is my release of the Pollen Knight, a game made for the Game Prototype Challenge v8. The themes were "Armor" and "Pollination." I made the game in the span of five days, from Monday to Friday of this week.

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My Second Pollen Knight Update

So work on the Pollen Knight continues. I realize that I went for a rather obvious game with this one. I mean, Armor+Pollination = Knight helping a plant pollinate. No matter. My other ideas were not nearly as good as

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My Game Prototype Challenge 8 Entry

I've been making a game for the Game Prototype Challenge v8 since Monday at noon. The themes for this competition have been "Armor" and "Pollination". So basically I have a week to make a game using these two themes. After

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I'm an independent developer and MFA at the NYU Game Center. I am currently making a few interesting games, such as Against the Wall and Asterisk.