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September Jams, Site Migration, and a Progress Report

For the 10th and part of the 9th, this site was down due to my now former web host dropping the ball when upgrading the servers. I spent much of yesterday first getting the site back in working order, then

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Against the Wall (Alpha 0.3)

This updated version of Against the Wall includes two destinations (lift station and a settlement), clouds, xbox controller support, overhauled chunk generation, an improved save system, three new brick types (static, short, medium), and a number of other bug fixes

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Under a Watchful Eye (Post-Compo)

Made for the Ludum Dare #21, the theme for this competition was "Escape." It was created in just over four days. This is the post competition version of the game.

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Under a Watchful Eye

This game was created for the Ludum Dare #21 in two days, the theme for this competition was “Escape.”

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The Unity Game Developers Meetup

So it's been a full week. The game was down for several days after a move from one web host to another. The computer I checked it on loaded a cached version of the game file, leading me to believe

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Sound and Tangents

Today was spent entirely on writing a sound manager that instantiates a small number of audio sources that are repeatedly used, for footsteps, the movement of bricks, etc. I've also given the world an ambient wind sound for good measure.

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I'm an independent developer and MFA at the NYU Game Center. I am currently making a few interesting games, such as Against the Wall and Asterisk.