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Alternate Function IV

Alternate Function IV is a game of reflexes, skill, and timing. Dodge and weave your way between missiles and get the highest score possible, before your tiny vessel is shot out of the sky. This game was made for Bennett

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Anxiety Adventure: Trial of the Dark Wing

The night before, I spent about 12 hours developing a prototype for a minimal game design class taught by Andy Nealan at NYU Poly. The constraints were that the game had to be entirely composed of squares and circles. I

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Pollen Knight

Here is my release of the Pollen Knight, a game made for the Game Prototype Challenge v8. The themes were "Armor" and "Pollination." I made the game in the span of five days, from Monday to Friday of this week.

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Against the Wall (Alpha 0.3)

This updated version of Against the Wall includes two destinations (lift station and a settlement), clouds, xbox controller support, overhauled chunk generation, an improved save system, three new brick types (static, short, medium), and a number of other bug fixes

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I'm an independent developer and MFA at the NYU Game Center. I am currently making a few interesting games, such as Against the Wall and Asterisk.